This website was set up to expose one of the great injustices of aviation history, along the way we exposed the fact that it was caused by one of the greatest frauds in aviation history.
In September 1963 Rod Fuller successfully flew the first Dickenson Wing.
The site of the first flight was Grafton, NSW Australia.
This website is currently being reconstructed to present this great Australian Story in full. Now that we have corrected those injustices and John Dickenson and Rod Fuller have been officially recognised as inventor and first pilot respectively there is time for us to present the story. It may take a little while as first we will be updating our other website,
Since 2006 our research has turned the story about hang gliding history on its head. Every single book with a section on hang gliding history has been wrong.
During our research not one piece of evidence has been found to support the enormous claims made by and about Francis Rogallo and his kite. It appears that any role he may have played is disputable and and that any role he might have played was so insignificant as to be unworthy of mention.
The many claims made by and about Bill Moyes and Bill Bennett have also been examined, and while they each made huge contributions to the sport, neither of them invented the hang glider.
The many published claims about Bill Moyes saying that he was the first to fly the wing are incorrect.
At least six people flew the Dickenson Wings, some for many hours, and there were at least seven different gliders flown in the three and a half years prior to Bill Moyes involvement.
That said, Bill Moyes was the most adventurous pilot and his bravery is beyond question. It can also be said of Bill Moyes that the modern sport of hang gliding was started from his efforts. His contribution to the sport is huge in many ways over many decades.
Also missing from the old historic accounts was the role of Aerostructures, Mike Burns and Dick Swinbourne's company that was building gliders for John from 1966.
Bill Moyes purchased an off-the-shelf wing built to aircraft standards by a highly respected aircraft engineer, with an all aluminium frame, proper steel cables and fittings, with a sewn sail, in 1967.
 This was the glider Bill Moyes flew for his first record setting flights.
Bill Moyes taught Bill Bennett to fly the glider and the pair started breaking each others records in a competition that led to the world wide proliferation of the sport, after 1973 the sport is well recorded, now we know the true story of where the modern hang glider came from.


Graeme Henderson