Plenty of most stylish widow’s peak haircuts for men

Widow’s peak hairstyles are the most trending hair cut among men. Finding the best widow speak style suitable for the face is the most frustrating thing.

The plenty of stylish options turn your widow’s peak into a stunning, astonishing, stylish, trend setting, and WOW look.

All you need is to select the most favorite style from the below list of hairstyle for men with widow’s peak style.

Fix a Widows Peak

Widow peak is a simple hairline with a V-shape look in the front, above forehead. In widow peak there are two styles – long type such as fringe, quaff, brush up, etc and second short hair cuts such as shade up on sides, buzz cut, and comb-over, slick back on top, etc.

Hairstyles for men with widow’s peak

Side-Part Style

This is the trendiest widow’s peak hairstyle. Add a side part to your regular hairstyle give a sophisticated touch in your windows ‘peak style. The style won’t disguise the natural hairline, it helps for an astonishing look.


Crew Cut

A crew cut is a particular haircut for men with widow’s peak style for short hair often emphasizes dapper appearance. The cut strands sit upwards along the hairline that provides outstanding look walking on the street.

Buzz Cut

This is the perfect hairstyle for men with widow’s peak of short hair. It takes attention from the usual hairline and wants to show off the facial features.

Short Spikes

This is trendy among guys. Tremendous short spike attracts the lovely girls with a lot of texture. This is a great way to rock with an edgy attitude. Everyone eye on your strands instead of the hairline.

Slick Back

Slick Back hairstyle for men with widow’s peak increases your personality. This slick back cut embracing the natural hairline and provides charming appearance.

Medium Length Curls

Especially curly hair guys, feel frustrating in setting the widow’s peak hairstyle for them. All you need to do is grow the hair to medium length and start to curl work to disguise your peak creates a stylish look. Lengthy curls are seriously balancing a prominent widow’s peak

Grey Waves

The combination of silver strand and widow’s peak create dapper appearance and seriously a suave look. Grey waves are insisted to add texture to the hair and be serious in your V-shaped hairline.

Tapered Sides

Thick messy hair on top with tapered sides paired with a widow’s peak hairstyle creates an excellent and ultra-modern appearance for men. When you walk on the street all eyes look on your hairline & its style vibrant.


A pompadour is a trendy hairstyle for men with widow’s peak. The appearance of pompadour is more stylish and enhances the V-shaped hairline forward to the forehead. The side part is definite and even adds more style.

Perfect formal wear or casual wear suits the hairline style. A sunglass with pompadour widow’s peak creates an excellent WOW look.

Widow’s peak trending style changes frequently. Here are some of its other hairstyles for men with widow’s peak that includes slick back with a beard, bro flow, curly bang, long hair, short forward style, smooth & sleek, easy breezy.

Choose your style based on your hair type, hair length, model and face cut.