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The inventor of the Modern Hang Glider in 1963


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The Daily Examiner Friday 28th March 2008


As a result of my seeking permission to post relevant articles from the Daily Examiner on this web site, the newspaper decided to run another story about it. The quote attributed to me about the flight being significant because of the lack of an engine was the result of the reporter being swamped with information. I have received an appropriate apology that I was more than happy to accept.

The most notable part of this article is the statements by the General Manager of the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia. The HGFA nominate John Dickenson for the 2006 FAI Hang Gliding Diploma, and yet here we find a completely different statement of the HGFA's views on the matter. The wording of the Award as submitted may be read on the 'Awards' page on this site, or you can use the Link to the FAI's website that is on the 'Links' page.

Bill Moyes did not "Gift Hang Gliding to the world." He took John Dickenson's Invention and set out to seek his fame and fortune by exploiting it. Bill Bennett played an equal role, but it was others who made the Dickenson Wing available to the world, notably Dave Kilbourne. The HGFA is very protective of the stories Bill Moyes has told over the years where he has made claims to be the inventor of the wing, and the first Pilot. Obviously the truth is that John Dickenson is the inventor and Rod Fuller is the first pilot, and it began 4 years before Bill Moyes became a student of John Dickenson.

Graeme Henderson



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