John Dickenson

The inventor of the Modern Hang Glider in 1963


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Taken at the BHGA Championships held at Mere circa 1978

Bill Moyes is holding the nose of the glider, while Steven Moyes, his Son, is waiting to take off.
Standing behind the glider, wearing a hat, is a pilot from New Zealand who at the time was accusing Bill and Steve Moyes of cheating. If you look very closely at the trailing edge of the sail, pieces of string have been attached to the trailing edge and those strings go down to the pilot in a pretence of being control lines. Bill and Steve Moyes claimed that this string made their glider aerodynamically controlled. This allowed them to compete in what was then called category three, a class which was intended for rigid wing hang gliders. The person standing directly behind Steve Moyes and checking out the system is believed to be the late Ashley Doubtfire from Birdman Sports.

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