John Dickenson

The inventor of the Modern Hang Glider in 1963


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Stéphane Malbos has written a couple of articles about John Dickenson



Federation.ffvl. The web site of the French Federation of Free Flight. An article submitted by Stéphane on Saturday, 16/02/2008 and called "The towed, it is the beginning of free flight". This web site is in French, but if you right click and look down the bottom of the menu you will be able to translate the article in to English.

1963-1993. 30 Years of Hang Gliding is another article that was later translater into German and then into English and can also be viewed in the Drachenflieger Magazine hoping that nothing was lost in the translations.

Dickenson, Moyes and Bennett is a sample of text taken from Stephanes latest Book "And The World Could Fly" A good read and well woth purchasing.

Book No ISBN: 2-9508644-5-7

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